Daybreak Records

One of my first brick and mortar clients. Run by a good friend, Daybreak Records has been delivering the best and most carefully curated used vinyl in Seattle in summer of 2016. My first initial job for the store was to create a vector logo based on signage they had created by world renowned sign painter Sean Barton. From further discussion following the completion of the logo, we decided that increasing web presence would be crucial to getting the word out. After a few weeks of copy writing, interior photography (by Aaron Leitz and myself), prototyping, a few revisions here and there, the site went up. Business at the store is crushing, and I'm also helping out with social media management to get the reach even further. There's also some print collateral and merch in the works. Keep an eye out.

View the full Daybreak Records site here.

Some assets and merch below (note dude originally painted by Sean Barton):

Here is a selection of some interior shots I took for implementation on the website. We were going for kind of an old school feel as far as temperature and vibe of the shots went. As mentioned above Aaron Leitz also snapped some killer photos and we mostly utilized his on the website. Some of mine may resurface on print collateral in the future.